10 selfless ways to pay it forward

10 Selfless Ways to Pay it Forward | Dalai Lama

To pay it forward is to give to another human selflessly, without expecting anything in return. I try to do this often but never often enough. You can really change someones day with a random act of kindness. Even though you are only one person, it only takes one person to make another feel special.

Drink in the feeling and enjoy the fact that you  have the ability to make a difference…… a difference that can change you and the recipient.

Start today, pay it forward and share the love. Choose one of the ten pay it forward options below.

1. Shop at your local charity thrift store.  The money you spend there helps others.

2. Open the door for someone.

3. Pay for the car behind you in the drive through.

4. Help someone to get your parking spot when you are leaving the supermarket.

5. On your birthday ask friends and family to give to your favourite charity and not to you.

6. Be courteous on the road to other drivers and let them into the line of traffic.

7. Bake a cake for your next door neighbor.

8. Clean up the rubbish in your local park.

9. Randomly send a card to a friend letting them know how special they are to you.

10. When someone want to pay you for a job you’ve done for them…. tell them to enjoy a healthy lunch with your compliments.

If you’ve payed it forward lately, I would love to hear your story….. feel free to share with me in the comments below.


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2 responses to “10 selfless ways to pay it forward

  1. Ling ling

    Good luck lady, you know it sounds to good to hear when people do the kind things it made them felt good inside. In reality for our human existence the social interactions between difference people whether good or bad is just the random out come of energy between matters. I’ve lived in this country for the past 50 years I am the most honest the kindest the most giving guy you ever met. I did always good intention, gifts, presents to coworkers every years for the past 30 years but until today I have not received one return gift yet and still waiting for it. I could not find any sincere american friend. Now, Am I upset for all of this. Not at all, and whatever the outcome in the past doesn’t change who I am. So prove me wrong otherwise that you can make a difference. I never received a phone call just to say hellow from you or anybody who I love to spend times with. Please call me or personally write something to me, you can bash me to hell I don’t care I just want to prove my point that people don’t really care but very selfish. I guaranteed after I send this message to you I will never hear from you. So dearest lady, don’t put out any messages that you cannot back it up. I hate a fake, fake people..Best regards Ling ling

  2. Bless you Ling Ling for being so giving to others. There is a saying “Do something for someone today without ever expecting anything in return” .

    This is such a true saying…… you have no idea how over the past years you may have helped or touched another human being you have been kind to or have done a good deed for.

    The beauty of not being recognized for the good you do is the whole point of being selfless.

    If you are looking for a new friend or wish to be thanked for all you have done you are simply doing these random acts of kindness for selfish reasons.
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving your comment and God Bess you!

    Warm regards,


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